Alanis King isn’t your typical college student. She spends her weeks in class and her weekends at work, reporting on auto races and reviewing cars when she manages to find a gap in her schedule.

She currently works as a full-time writer for Jalopnik, where she writes about the car industry and motorsports. Her past work can also be seen both online and in print at Autoweek Magazine and SPEED SPORT Magazine, which are among some of the outlets she wrote freelance content for throughout her college career.

Alanis has been the weekend editor of Jalopnik since September 2015. She writes about racing, production cars and everything in between—and runs the website—for the Univision/Gizmodo Media outlet every Saturday and Sunday. Jalopnik hired her as a full-time writer in April 2017, just in time for her graduation from the University of Texas at Austin.

Having only been in university lecture halls for three years, Alanis graduates from UT Austin in June 2017 with a Bachelor of Journalism. When she walks the stage, it’ll be an entire year early with a nearly 4.0 GPA. Look for her byline come summertime, because you’ll see a lot more of it then.

When Alanis isn’t driving cars, at the racetrack or in the classroom, there’s a good chance that you can find her teaching Zumba®, Total Body Conditioning or any other fitness format you can think of.

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