Alanis King isn’t your typical 20-something. She spends her weeks writing about cars and motorsports from a home office in a Texas college town, finding the grassroots stories that matter while also covering huge issues in the car world, like the August 2017 Chicago-area mechanics’ strike, with nationwide and worldwide impacts. Oh, and she drives cars, too—a lot of them.

She currently works as a full-time writer for Jalopnik, where she reports about the car industry and motorsports. Her past work can also be seen both online and in print at Autoweek Magazine and SPEED SPORT Magazine, which are among some of the outlets she wrote freelance content for throughout her college career.

Alanis was the weekend editor of Jalopnik from September 2015 through June 2017, which she moved to weekday work. She writes about racing, production cars and everything in between for the Univision/Gizmodo Media outlet every day of the week. Jalopnik hired her as a full-time writer in April 2017, just in time for her graduation from the University of Texas at Austin.

Having only been in university lecture halls for three years, Alanis graduated from UT Austin in August 2017 with a Bachelor of Journalism. She walked the stage an entire year early with a nearly 4.0 GPA, and began her full-time job months before she actually got a diploma.

When Alanis isn’t driving cars, at the racetrack or in the classroom, there’s a good chance that you can find her teaching Zumba®, Total Body Conditioning or any other fitness format you can think of.

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