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screen-shot-2017-02-20-at-10-49-11-pmBylines, National Speed Sport News (SPEED SPORT Magazine)

The Tale of Longhorn Speedway, a Forgotten Ghost Track in the Shadow of Circuit of The Americas

Why 2,000 Chicago Mechanics are at War with Car Dealers | Coverage of the 2017 Chicago Auto Technician Strike

Car Reviews | 2017 Mercedes-Benz E300 | 2017 Mazda Miata RF | 2018 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Widebody

How I Tried to Figure Out if Sandra Bullock Owns a Forgotten Racetrack In Texas

Thousands of Flooded Hurricane Cars Finally Killed Texas World Speedway

Texas’ Most Endangered Auto Racing is Also its Most Captivating | Writings on Lost Racetracks

NASCAR Explainers | 2017 Rule Changes | 2017 Race Season | 2017 Playoffs | What Happens When The Championship Contenders Wreck | 2018 Race Season


How an Underfunded ‘Zombie Dodge’ NASCAR Team Struggles Just to Make It to the Track

u7drgydekrm9mnyei8h6How America’s Most Underrated Type of Racing is Driving Itself into a Wall

Alon Day: From Israel to Latest NASCAR Next Class


Columns on Women in the Car Industry | Columns in 2017 | Columns for Laughs | Finally, a Car Magazine for Men | Porsche Won’t Acknowledge That the 911 GT2 RS Exists | I am Terrified of Paganis | Actually, Alfa Romeos are Extremely Reliable | The Solar Eclipse is Actually for the Brands | The Brands Will Usher in Our Dark and Materialistic Demise


A Look Inside the ‘Room Of Doom,’ One of the Toughest Tech Sheds Around


Weekly Series on Car History: “Holy Shift” on Jalopnik


The Best Race You’ve Probably Never Heard of Happens in the Offseason


Analysis: Today’s NASCAR is Appealing to Young Fans, Young Drivers 


Ken Block Giving Extreme Boost to Red Bull Global Rallycross


A Graphical Representation of How Confused Daytona 500 Viewers Were


How Tanner Foust Went From Aspiring Doctor to Doctor Drift


Chip Ganassi Racing Moves into the World of Red Bull Global Rallycross


Online version of Autoweek Magazine’s Under-30 Issue (Bylines: Pages 40-44)


Formula One’s Bernie Ecclestone Holds Honest Roundtable with Journalists in Austin During Rain Delay

Various Other Features and News Features | The World’s First Driverless Racing Series Doesn’t Know What that Means Yet | This $300 Million F1 Track Proposal is Pissing Off a Tiny California Town | The Coolest Racing Series in the World Got Too Expensive | How Someone Got a Perfect Toyota Supra from a Controversial Texas Charity Raffle | This Photographer Shoots 230-mph F1 Cars on a Camera from 1913 | The Teenage Porsche Racing Ace Out to Prove Her Haters Wrong | How an Alleged Cryptocurrency Scam Put a Texas Car Show in Peril

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